Luna fell to barely $0.005 some weeks ago but we are back. In all, the community comes first and that explains the launch of this massive airdrop in what could be termed LUNA 2.0 The ecosystem is worth rebuilding and to do that, FORK LUNA has to come in place. We are migrating the initial LUNA ecosystem into a new one. The current LUNA token will be renamed LUNC, while the new LUNA 2.0 token will assume the ticker LUNA. Holders of LUNC (Luna Classic), USTC (UST Classic), and aUST (staked UST) will be airdropped LUNA tokens from the new chain.

Fork Luna - LUNA


After the first round of voting is complete and the majority of users vote in favor of the LUNA Hard Fork, we are following up on that. The snapshot of Terra UST and Luna holders will be taken prior to the release of the massive airdrop. While it's true we are doing all we can to reward our community, this airdrop will only be restricted to the first 10,000 members to claim it. The tokens will be split as below (as per Kwon’s suggestion): 35% will first go to the Luna wallets from a pre-attack snapshot. 25% will then be sent to the community pool which is controlled by a governance order. 25% will be sent to the UST holders during the time of launch of the new chain (Launch snapshot). 10% will go to Luna holders at the Launch snapshot. smile

Token Name FORK LUNA
Symbol LUNA
Decimals 18
Supply 21 Million
Contract Address

Benefits of FORK LUNA

Ripple - XRP

50% BNB per Referral

Ripple - XRP

Limited Supply of 21 Million

Ripple - XRP

Token will list 10$ per LUNA

Token Allocation


Public Lunch






Teams & Developers





Choose the Offer

Token Sale

Best Price

Pre-Sale will end in

  • Min Buy: 0.01 BNB = 10,000 LUNA
  • Max Buy: 5.00 BNB = 5,000,000 LUNA
  • Listing Price Will 10$ = 1 LUNA
  • LUNA Will commence trading again on 3rd December, 2022 on Binance, Gate.io and Other Exchanges.

Airdrop & Referral

Claim 1000 LUNA
Get Ref LinkCopy
  • 50% BNB + 100% LUNA per Referral
  • Referral count is unlimited
What we will do?


Fee Distribution

All platform and pool fees will be distributed to all LUNA holders. Each pool has a fixed fee rate of 5% which will get distributed/airdropped over all LUNA holders.

Calculate your stake

Our token staking is designed to reward our most loyal supporters. By combining the stake amount with a lock-up period, a smaller holder with a longer lock-up can earn the same rewards as a big holder with shorter lock-up.

Liquidity Mining

Earn LUNA on top of the regularly expected yield just for putting assets into a pool.

Plans & Vision


April 2022

Website development

Creation of the site for the LUNA Airdrop & Presale.

May 2022

Exchange Prototype

Creating LUNA decentralized exchange prototyping in testing environment.

June 2022

Massive Airdrop for the community

Presale Begins

August 30 2022

Launch on a Central Exchange & Listing

Listing LUNA tokens on the pancakeswap exchange and LUNA exchange at the price of 1 LUNA = 10$

Sept 2022

LP Token Mining

Earn an LUNA and other digital assets on top of the yield just for putting assets into a liquidity pool.

Oct 2022

Staking LUNA

Earn governance rights and 0.05% of all swaps from all chains in one simple place.

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